Smart Contracts

Work for the Goguen era of Cardano has already begun and is progressing in parallel to Shelley. The core goal of Goguen is to see the integration of smart contracts into the network, enabling users to create and execute smart contracts backed by Cardano’s rigorous, high-assurance security guarantees.

Also in scope for Goguen is the creation and improvement of Plutus, a purpose-built platform designed to bring the strengths of functional programming to the world of smart contracts. In addition, Plutus will simplify code development and execution by allowing developers to use a single programming language both on and off-chain.

Marlowe, a domain-specific language based on Plutus, is also in the final stages of development, aimed at making smart contracts easier to write and accessible to a broader audience of financiers and business developers.

We’re still gathering together all the content for this era of the roadmap and will be updating this page soon. Meanwhile, all the latest updates on technical progress are delivered as part of the Cardano Weekly Technical Reports, and all active development work is visible in the Plutus and Marlowe GitHub repositories. You can even try using Marlowe to create your own smart contract in the Meadow emulator.